Happy Thanksgiving from the Sac Cultural Hub

With our busy schedules, it is easy to miss an opportunity to be thankful for loved ones, whether they be family or dear friends, and the opportunity to spend time with them.  Life is so very precious, and we at the Sac Cultural Hub wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for your support.  We are truly thankful or every hug, email, phone call, text, Facebook & Instagram post, and tweet — for ALL of the moments you have shared over the last year.  We do not take a single one of them for granted. 

If you have lost loved ones along the way, this is a great time of you to honor them.  My late grandmother, Ardean Brown, always told us how very important it was be very thankful for what we have.  We miss her dearly, but keep her on our shoulders always, and know that she is watching over us. 

I sincerely hope this week brings at least a moment for you to pause, reflect, and enjoy the time — and the very breath — that we have been given.  Life is truly a gift, and it, just like the meal that will be on many of our tables this weekend, is to be savored and enjoyed.

Happy Thanksgiving!  And here’s to a prosperous holiday season! 


Pleshette Robertson

CEO & Founder, Sacculturalhub.com Media Company