We Value Your Input – Receive a $125 Gift Card to Tell Us How to Improve Your Experience with Health Insurers


As part of the California Black Health Network’s (CBHN) efforts to advance health equity for Black Californians, we want to impart some accountability for health insurers to have greater diversity among providers in their network, and provide more culturally competent care to their patients. So, we invite you to participate in a 15-minute survey to help us better understand what state-based health insurers can do to meet your needs, values, expectations, etc. as you aim to provide quality care to your patients .

We specifically want to hear from you about any pain points, barriers, and values in terms of operational factors, resources, reputation, commitment to inclusion and belonging, and any other factors you value in making a decision to join or remain in an insurer’s provider network.

Your participation will give us valuable insight into what recommendations we can make to payors to provide more culturally competent and equitable care. We invite you to be unapologetically transparent in answering all questions by February 28, 2023 as this survey is completely confidential. Once you complete the survey, you will receive a $125 gift card via email.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and provide valuable input. We greatly appreciate your support of our work to close the gap in health disparities for Black Californians. If you have any questions about the survey or the results, please contact us at survey@cablackhealthnetwork.org.