HIGHLIGHTS: We won in Election 2008, President Barack Obama & Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson

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The celebration of WINNERS in California and America,President Barack Obama and Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson Barack Obama wins the Presidential Election 2008 and Kevin Johnson wins the Mayoral Race in Sacramento. It’s a great day in America when we can all see that “CHANGE CAN HAPPEN!” despite adversity and when it seems impossible!  This becomes especially true when we know who is in total and full control and that is the almighty Lord, our savior Jesus Christ – Hallelujah that HE sees, hears, and is sovereign over all!  The VICTORY is His with bringing over 131 million US voters out to vote and over 17 million California voters out to vote in unheard of and record numbers.  I, Pleshette, watched and observed the news last night and heard profound statements from news analysts and one significant statement I heard was that there were three headlines that contributed to the significant outcome and results of ELECTION DAY 2008: 1) voter turnout, 2) young people and minorities (we can never underestimate the power in numbers), and 3) the state of the economy.  Decision ’08 has been clearly made for who is now the President of the US and also the Mayor of Sacramento.  WOW – it’s pretty surreal but it’s definitely TRUE and so very REAL right now in every nature of the words.

It’s as if we are reliving the celebration days of MLK (the MLK March in Sacramento is January 19, 2009 – BE THERE IN record numbers) when millions gathered together to hear the victory speeches! The beautiful and elated crowd of people in Chicago last night was a sight to see with folks like Oprah standing in the crowd in happy tears.  As both President Obama and Mayor Johnson will face a host of challenges, we must stay encouraged (see Gospel Reach column by Bishop Sherwood Carthen) as a nation to support and uplift our leaders in every aspect.  The battle for tackling issues has just begun for these two African American men, but they have an outstanding running start and a great team of staff to assist them in the beginning of creating and implementing change.   I just absolutely loved Obama’s humble quote last night beginning with, “This is your VICTORY!”  He is quite an intelligent and smart gentleman that quiets a crowd and of whom you enjoy listening to as well as observing.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

We must have faith that President Obama, Vice President Biden and their team of staff will undoubtedly come up with proactive/strategic solutions to several world issues that include: ending the War in Iraq, middle class tax cuts, the plan to get America’s economy back on track, keeping our country and communities safe with homeland security and foreign policy, affordable and accessible health care plans, investing in alternative fuels and renewable energy, investing in early childhood education, addressing the issues of genocide in Kenya and Darfur, seniors and social security. And, of course there many more concerns and day-to-day issues that both President Obama and Mayor Johnson will face in their four-year term.  

We must remain empowered to believe and GET INVOLVED (as we did in voting; in most case there were those voting for the very first time in the presidential and mayoral election race)  with proactively supporting and assisting these two individuals with your own expertise.  The shoes of the President of the U.S. and Mayor of Sacramento are enormous shoes to fill and walk in everyday – can you do it?  We all have unique talents and skills – shucks – I told my mom, that “if Obama wins, I’m going to work for Obama in the White House“(LOL), so now I guess I have to submit my resume for a position!”  We made and took a stand America, now we have to MOVE on everything we know and believe that should and will happen for the GOOD of the American family, the nation, and the world!

True Blessings!

Pleshette Robertson

Founder of Sacculturalhub.com

Chief Editor of THE HUB Magazine

The Facts and My Tidbits

Barack Obama elected the 44th President of the United States on November 4th, 2008 in Chicago



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