Introducing “Tunguska Mist”: First Ever Adaptogen Spray

First Ever Adaptogen Spray – FEEL GOOD FAST

Helping to RELIEVES Stress, Boost Energy, Improve Immune System, Etc.

Tunguska Mist

Introducing – TUNGUSKA MIST!!!

The First Ever – Feel Good Fast – Fast Acting – Adaptogen Sprays

Great way to absorb the nutritional benefits of vitamins and minerals


ORDER TUNGUSKA MIST TODAY – small spray bottle fits right in your purse or backpack. Call (916) 224-8689 or 1-877-206-2201. Visit

Choose from five different sprays:

1. Pure: Relieves stress.

2. Slim: Supports your weight loss program and help reduce hunger.

3. PM: You can fall asleep fast and wake refreshed.

4. Mocha Blast: An energy boost any time of the day.

5. Relieve: Ease occasional aches and pains.


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