KEEPING SCORE: What You Need To Know To Make Your Credit Score Grow

“KEEPING SCORE: What You Need To Know To Make Your Credit Score Grow”  by Constance Carter

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Increase your credit score quickly. Learn the secrets credit repair consultants and attorneys use to repair credit. Get on track to purchase your dream home, buy your dream car, or reduce your interest rate

If you’re looking to make 2017 your best year ever and learn not only how to increase your score quickly, but journal your progress as well as goal setting techniques, this is the book for you. Until 12/31/2016, this book is 90% off. $2.99 kindle and $3.99 paperback.  CLICK HERE to purchase online now.
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What is a Credit Party? Credit Parties are designed to educate you, your friends, family, or organization on the basics of credit. Understand what it is, how it works, and tips and tricks on how to increase your scores quickly. After the presentation, we can do a confidential 1:1 consultation with anyone interested in understanding/improving their score
Here’s what people are saying about Credit Parties:

  • “Party was very informative. It helped me understand parts of the credit report I never knew were important. There are many small things that can be fixed to make a big impact on my credit score” –N. Bereola
  • “Credit party was a dream come true! I walked away learning so many new details about managing credit and have a better understanding of how its being used by creditors. I now have the resources needed to make improvements where necessary.” –S. Badger
  • “It made me feel there was hope for me after all.  All I needed to do is take a few simple steps to repair my credit” –G. Owens