Mister B’s Supper Club – Vocalist Unleashed Oct 10

Join Mister B’s Supper Club, featuring “The Collective’s Nest”, a performing arts ensemble for the Premier Concert Show on Saturday, October 10.

First show taking place from 1 pm to 3 pm and second show from 5 pm to 7 pm at The Guild Theater, 2828 35th Street in Sacramento.

Mister B’s Supper Club is a family friendly show which is proud to welcome patrons of all age groups, to include your children, grandchildren and most of all, grandparents! We believe we have something for all, but we have placed a special emphasis on soliciting, accommodating and encouraging the monthly support and patronage of those “Blessed” to be age 50 and over. Likewise, we have crafted our entertainment options to ensure members of Sacramento’s vibrant “faith-based” community feel both respected and welcomed.

For more information call Shoron Verdun at (916) 600-4892 and to buy tickets online for the premier concert show go to www.misterbssupperclub.com.

CLICK HERE to download the full press release to read more about the Grand Opening, January 2, 2016 and 1st Saturday of the month concert shows to take place with an American Southern Cuisine.