SPIRAL: American Masters at Evolve The Gallery

SPIRAL: American Masters – African American Art Collective Has Not Shown Together Since the 1960’s.

Art Exhibit ~ April 12 through May 24, 2014 Evolve the Gallery 3428 3rd Avenue, Historic Oak Park Sacramento The exhibit is free and open to the public. For more info call (916) 572-5123 or visit www.evolvethegallery.com

Evolve the Gallery will pay tribute to Spiral, a New York-based collective of African American artists who were summoned by Hale Woodruff to come together because of the historic 1963 March on Washington. The group of 15 artists: Charles Alston, Emma Amos, Romare Bearden, Calvin Douglass, Perry Ferguson, Reginald Gammon, Felrath Hines, Alvin Hollingsworth, Norman Lewis, Earl Miller, William Majors, Richard Mayhew, Merton D. Simpson, Hale Woodruff and James Yeargans evolved into a think-tank discussing their relationship to the civil rights movement and the shifting landscape of American art, culture and politics. Richard Mayhew and Emma Amos are the only living members.

The collective met for the purpose of exchanging meaningful dialogues on art, the Black aesthetic and worldviews. Although the collective existed for only a short time, each member of the group, working on their own and together, produced powerful artworks that testified to the common themes arising from the struggle for human rights and to the divergent ways different artists seek to address those themes.

This historic exhibition comprises at least one work (circa the 60’s) by each of the 15 Spiral Members. Over 30 artworks from the private collections of esteemed African American collectors from across the country will be on view. Some of the members were exhibited together at the Studio Museum in Harlem and the Birmingham Museum of Art. This is the first time at least one work from each of the 15 artists will be on display in a complete and comprehensive exhibit. They have not shown together as a group since the 1960’s.

“Spiral: American Masters” is a traveling exhibition of select artworks by each of the 15 members from the private collections of some of the country’s most prominent African American collectors and is accompanied by a commemorative catalog. A special selection of works by Richard Mayhew, Emma Amos, Earl Miller and Merton Simpson will be available for purchase.

This event is sponsored in part by Councilman Allen Warren and Dr. Grace Warren, The Cunningham Foundation, John and Stephanie Spears, Arthur and Cynthia Ayres, Michael and Maureen Craft, David and Sandra Fontaine, Aladrian and Carl Mack, A.J. and Susana Watson, Otis and Jerre Benning, Tommy and Barbara Ross, Wornel Simpson and James W. and Renee Sweeney

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