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Commitment 2014 - VOTE - Tuesday, November 4, 2014

THE HUB’s 2014 Voting Guide of Recommendations for Nov 4th Election


See THE HUB’s voting guide of recommendations …. making it very easy for you to 
PRINT this e-blast and take with you to the voting polls on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.  
If you were confused about who or what to vote for, it’s your cheat sheet.


Founder of and Chief Editor, Pleshette Robertson, encourages you to EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE and get to the voting polls this Tuesday, November 4th.  See THE HUB’s endorsements and recommendations below for an easy guide on who and what to vote for. Be sure to share this information with your co-workers, friends and relatives.

Proposition Position

Proposition 1 – YES; Water Bond-Authorizes $7.545 billion in general obligation bonds for state water supply infrastructure projects.
Proposition 2 – YES; Budget-Existing state debt would likely be paid faster
Proposition 45 – NO; Health Insurance-State regulators would continue to have authority to review
Proposition 46 – NO; Healthcare Reform –The cap on medical malpractice damages for such things as pain and suffering remain at $250,000
Proposition 47 – YES; Criminal Sentencing-Certain non-serious & nonviolent crimes would be sentenced to reduce penalties. (Shorter terms in jail)
Proposition 48 – NO; Indian Gaming-Breaks promise that Indian Casinos would be on original tribal land


Congressional District 3 – John Garamendi
Congressional District 6 – Doris Matsui
Congressional District 7 – Ami Bera
Congressional District 9 – Jerry McNerney


Governor – Jerry Brown
Lt. Governor – Gavin Newsom
Attorney General – Kamala Harris
Controller – Betty Yee
Insurance Commissioner – Dave Jones
Board of Equalization – Chris Parker
Secretary of State – Alex Padilla
Superintend of Public Education – Marshall Tuck
Presiding Justice Court of Appeal – Vance W. Raye
For Associate Justice of The Supreme Court – Mariano-Florentino Cuellar
Associate Justice Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District – William J Murray, Jr.
Treasurer – John Chang


Vote YES – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

William J Murray
Vance  W Raye
Mariano-Florentino Cuellar
Elena J Duarte

State Assembly

Assembly District 11 – Jim Frazier
Assembly District 6 – Brian Caples
Assembly District 7 – Steve Cohn
Assembly District 8 – Ken Cooley
Assembly District 9 – Jim Cooper

State Senate

Senate District  4 – CJ Jawahar
Senate District  6 – Richard Pan
Senate District  8 – Paulina Miranda


District 3 – Jay Schenirer
District 8 – Larry Carr

Measure L – YES; City Charter Revision-Establishes a mayor-council governance structure wherein the elected mayor oversees city operations and a budget subject to Council approval and override; an Ethics Committee; Code of Ethics & Sunshine Ordinance; an Independent Budget Analyst Office; a Neighborhood Advisory Committee; an Independent Redistricting Commission; and a 3-term limit for Mayors

Sacramento Unified School Board
Area 1 – Jay Hansen
Area 2 – Jeff Cueno
Area 6 – Darrell Woo
Area 7 – Lawson C. Stuart


As a long time activist in Sacramento, I, Betty Williams, am encouraging everyone to vote on Tuesday, November 4, 2014; while growing up in the Midwest during the Civil Rights era and watching the hard fight through the eyes of my parents; the church I attended in Urbana, Illinois; Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church, NAACP and Champaign-Urbana Urban League, I have a great appreciation of the power as well as the struggle to have the opportunity to vote.

However, I understand that many no longer care or trust the system to work on their behalf when they cast their vote. Many are hoping and relying on African Americans to stay home during this mid-term election cycle; history shows it has the lowest voter turnout overall, especially with African Americans.  What we need to understand, is that the African Americans are the swing vote on many campaigns, propositions and measures.  Many of you may have experienced political visitor’s list that have visited your churches or faith based institutions and organizations. As they understand the power we have, it’s time that we understand the power we have and exercise our right to vote this coming Tuesday.

Did you know that Proposition 47 directly affects our community; if you need a reason to get out and vote, this one is a true reason to vote YES on Proposition 47? Proposition 47 is addressing criminal sentencing, which simply states, that certain non-serious and non-violent crimes would be sentenced to reduce penalties and shorter terms in jail. So many of our minority communities are incarcerated on long term sentences; with felony convictions that not only slows down their progress of getting employment and place them in the non- eligible list for many of grants offered in perusing a higher education; punishment don’t fit the crime.

There are so many issues that affect our community this election and if we choose to stay home and not take advantage of our power this mid-term election, they win and we lose. Let’s take our power back and change the criminal sentencing law in our state and become the model for other states.

Once again open enrollment for affordable health care insurance coverage through Covered California begins soon after the election and will start November 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015. Take this opportunity to enroll now, renew, or explore options of change.  You, your family members and/or co-workers no longer have to go without health insurance.  CLICK HERE to learn more about how to pre-enroll now.


Submitted by Betty Williams, Past President of Sacramento NAACP Branch


Other Voting Resources

Note: Sac Cultural Hub Media Company’s Advisory Committee review and approved list of recommendations.

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