Want to be a Construction Worker? Go to the Sacramento Region Career Fair Sept 22nd

Hands-On Union Trade Awareness Career Fair

That’s right we’re back… the Sacramento Sierra Building Trades are bringing Union jobs to you AGAIN! But it’s not only Construction, we got Healthcare, Communications jobs and much more.


We’re taking it to the streets – Friday September 22nd from 9am-1pm


Join us for another hands-on career fair experience.

Come pick up power tools, build tiny homes, grab blow torches, make toolboxes,

 bend and build with sheet metal, and tons more.


And get this, the event is hosted by PWT, People Working Together,

so you KNOW it’s gonna be a party!

We have free food, music, give-a-ways, entertainment, and fun for the entire community.


Peep out the last event HERE 

And everybody… we OUT-SIIIIDE at Arden Fair (former Sears Parking lot).


Partially sponsored by High Road Construction Careers 

It’s gonna be a party yall….