We have a Black Wealth Emergency – Free Workshops Feb. 26th and 27th!

Have you heard? Black Household Wealth is projected to fall to ZERO by the year 2053! We have a #BlackWealthEmergency!

The federal government will not fix this for us, we have to take it old school, act like family and become our own resource. 

Neighborhood Innovation is conducting FREE Financial Wealth Building Workshops to teach the essentials on Home Ownership, Stock Investing, Insurance for Wealth, Credit Repair and Improvement, and many other topics tthat will make it plain, simple and help you develop your next step.  Two free workshops are scheduled for Wednesday Feb. 26th, and Thursday Feb. 27th!

Building Wealth is basic if you know the right steps. Some simple changes can make a huge difference. 

Join us, bring the family and invite the people in your social circles so we can all build together as a CommUNITY!

For more information, call 916-208-5123 or visit http://www.neighborhoodinnovation.com