Why YOU should see Donald Lacy’s “Colorstruck” stopping in Sacramento

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Founder of Sacculturalhub.com, Pleshette Robertson, encourages you to
support Black Theater in Sacramento and make a special effort to see
Donald Lacy’s “Colorstruck” that is stopping in Sacramento (May 29-Jun
21) before continuing its tour to Washington D.C.  Audiences
have called it “Funny, Educational, Enlightening, a great time but
makes you think, etc.” Buy tickets now online at
www.imagestheater.org.  Sacculturalhub.com had the opportunity
to learn more about Images Theater and also talk with Donald Lacy about
the upcoming theatre show, “Colorstruck”….

Donna Ramos, Senior Staff Writer for THE HUB Magazine)

Lisa Lacy founded Images Theater in 2003,
her directing the MLK project with California Musical
Theater.  She organized 3 actors and a musical director
(Charles Cooper) and formed Images Theater. Lisa states:
“Charles and I have continued forward together ever since. We
moved into the Guild as the resident theater company in 2008, for over
a year now. Our season formula is to start and end with professional
shows as the book ends and community theater in between. We began the
season with bringing in Sheryl Lee Ralph and are ending this season
with Donald Lacy performing his one-man show Colorstruck. We will open
next season with bringing Daniel Beaty from New York City to Sacramento
to perform his newest show, Resurrection.

mission of  Images Theater Company is to create, produce, and
provide culturally, socially, and spiritually conscious theatrical
productions that engage, enlighten, educate, and enable people to
celebrate and transform themselves through art, while training and
allowing under-served artists and technicians an opportunity to develop
their craft at a professional level.

Theater Company is on the way to being the first Black Equity (Union)
Professional Company ever in Sacramento.  They have
established a youth training program where we are training youth in the
performing arts and technical theater. 

further states: “We specifically do theater in line with the
Black Arts Movement so it is theater that educates, enlightens and
seeks to transform minds. I choose the plays we do based on what I
see.  If I come across something that stirs me, I want others
to see it or if it’s something that will make people think
and feel.  I want people to leave enlightened. 
Having seen Colorstruck I think people in Sacramento will be positively
affected by seeing it too.  I want to share great things with
people who live here.”

has a company membership of over 25 and over 50 volunteers. Lisa met
Donald while both of them were performing in “Gem of the
Ocean” at the Sacramento Theater Company last winter.

Donald Lacy who is
starring in “Colorstruck” has been performing for
25 years in film
, on stage, TV and
radio.  “Colorstruck” started at Laney
College in 2006, he has been traveling around the country for the past
3 ½ years.  He also performed at the National Black
Theater Festival in 2007 and at the 2007 and 2008 Congressional Black
Caucus.  People may recognize me from BETs “Comic
View”, HBO’s “Death Jam” and
back in the day “Hangin’ With Mr.
Cooper”.  Also writing for the Jaime Fox
pilot.  Donald writes, acts, directs, produces and tell jokes.

was born in Canton, Ohio but moved to Oakland at the tender age of 6
months old.  “Colorstruck” deals with
early childhood experiences in regard to the races, racism, the Black
Panther Movement, the early 1960’s and 1970’s and
what I saw as a child.

been a part of virtually every aspect of the entertainment world,
Donald’s favorite aspect of this world is live theater
because there is nothing like it, especially this show because he is
able to interact with the audience.  Right there in the
movement, something very exciting, inspiring and stimulating about
being in front of a live audience.

are two artistic influences in Donald’s life, the great
Richard Pryor who change the whole art form of standup comedy to what
it is today and Stevie Wonder.   Donald still listens
to Stevie today when he writes, it inspires him creatively and get his
juices flowing, “Journey Through the Secret Life of
Plants” is his favorite.

hobbies are activities that help him relax like listening to music, his
sanctuary is writing and fishing like his father, which he has not done
in a while.  Donald’s favorite vacation spot is
Jamaica.  As far as his guilty pleasure, it would be reading
vintage Marvel comic books: the Fantastic 4, Spiderman and the Black

given only three words to describe himself, the word would be:
entertaining, intelligent and hysterical, as in funny.  When
asked if there is anything that needs to change in Northern California
Donald  replied, “we all need to look at how we
define diversity and what it means.  Why don’t we
have a society where everyone has the same opportunities and resources
as everyone else.  If I could I’d redistribute the

Donald likes about THE HUB magazine is the fact that it’s a
place for folks to get connected with each other and find out
what’s going on in the Sacramento area.  He adds,
“Please come out to the show, you will laugh, think and talk
about it long after leaving the theater”.

are at the Guild Theater, 2828  35th Street in the Oak Park
area of Sacramento.  The play runs from May 29  to
June 21, 2009 on weekends as follows:  Friday 8 p.m., Sat. 3
p.m. and 8 p.m. and Sunday 3 p.m.  Tickets are available at:
www.imagestheater.org, Culture Collection, 6391 Riverside Blvd. and
Underground Books, 2814 35th Street in Sacramento.  For more
info call Images Theater (916) 428-1441.

Donald Lacy's "Colorstruck"

is a one-man theatrical show written and performed by veteran Bay Area
actor, comedian and radio show host, Donald Lacy. 

uses a
unique blend of comedy, personal experience, drama, visuals, music,
dance, and spoken word to captivate audiences while taking them on a
journey through his life, allowing us to view the experiences of a
light-skinned African-American male growing up in America. 
COLORSTRUCK is a hilariously funny, yet poignant show that examines the
differences and misunderstandings that lead to racism both, inside and
outside of the African-American culture. 

reflection are the key words as audience members are invited post
performance to share their own unique experiences, and engage in
coalition building, on the spot. 

discussions following the show seek to help us find our common ground,
honor diversity, and celebrate our unity, thereby allowing us to move
forward together as one race, The Human Race.  

will play for 4 consecutive weekends at the Guild Theater, 2828 35th
Street, Sacramento, CA  95817, from May 29 -June 21,
Show days and times are Friday,

Saturday at 8:00 p.m. with matinees on Saturdays at 3:00 p.m. and
Sunday at 3:00 p.m.  There will be one Friday matinee at 2:00
p.m. on
June 5, 2009.  


For information, call (916)
428-1441 or visit www.imagestheater.org
Tickets must be paid for at time of reservations. 

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