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Small Business Consultation, Website Development, Public Relations

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Website Production


Content Development


Design and Coordination


Web Hosting and Content Management System


Public Relations


Press Release Announcements


Advertisement & Promotions (online/print)


Job Announcements


Small Business Consultation


Buseinss Plan Development


Grant Writing & Funding Research

}Social Media Planning
}Create Annual Marketing Calendar


Referrals for Event Planning Services


Referrals for Diversity Training Workshops


Referrals for Commercial TV, Radio Broadcast, and Audio Production


Presenting workshops and seminars

}Flyer design production and street team marketing/community distribution campaign

Are you a new entrepreneur or starting a new group business venture and need project management consulting services?


  • Create your business name

  • Create your slogan and tag line

  • Establish your mission statement

  • Develop public relations campaign

  • Establish a S-Corp or Sole Proprietorship

  • Establish and design your own website

  • Assist with ideas for expansion and growth on your company

  • Write a business plan

  • Prepare documents for doing your annual taxes 
  • Assist your company with preparing business documentation for certification processes


At PR & Associates Business Resources we work with a team of professional and corporate executives who specialize in providing the knowledge required to effectively start, advertise and sustain your business. As a new entrepreneur and/or small business owner, we can assist you with: completing the required documents for starting a business, establish a business checking account, prepare for completing your annual taxes, and also provide referrals for commercial real estate.


Make an appointment with Pleshette Robertson, CEO & Founder of Sac Cultural Hub, Inc. and PR & Associates Business Resources. Call us today to (916) 470-2337 or e-mail