After an eight hour meeting on Tuesday, February 1, the Sacramento County Board of Education voted to approve Fortune School’s Countywide Benefit Charter for a system of schools throughout the county aimed at closing the African American achievement gap. Trustees approved the charter petition in a 4-1 vote, with 2 abstentions.

Trustees approved the charter for the longest term legally possible (5 years) accepting our plan to open 1 school a year. That means Fortune School has the green light to open the first 5 K-8 schools. Vote breakdown: AYES- Brian Cooley, Greg Geeting, Jackie Levy, Eleanor Brown. ABSTENTIONS- Brian Rivas, John Scribner. NO- Harold Fong.

Brian Cooley was a courageous advocate for children, driving the board to stay until 2:30 am until a decision was reached. Greg Geeting crafted the final motion to approve the charter petition. Geeting provided the technical expertise on charter schools to guide the board to make a favorable decision. Eleanor Brown eloquently articulated the educational rationale for focusing on closing the African American achievement gap. Together, Eleanor Brown and Jackie Levy, both former high school principals, focused squarely on the children.

The first school will open on August 17, 2011, with 160 students in grades K-3.  

  • ·Student enrollment applications are now available. For an application, call Fortune School at (916) 924-8633. We are enrolling students in grades Kindergarten through third. Fortune School will enroll 160 students.
  • Fortune School is now hiring a school principal, teachers and support staff, including a school secretary, custodian and parent liaison. Applications will be available starting February 9, 2011, on EdJoin:
  • Volunteers are needed for the student recruitment campaign. Activities will include phone banking, neighborhood walks and community meetings. If you would like to volunteer, please call Fortune School at (916) 924-8633.



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