Cal Expo Board Approves New Strategic Development Planning Process

SACRAMENTO, CA (March 26, 2010) – The Cal Expo Board of Directors today voted to move forward with a new ‘Development Plan Alternatives Analysis Process’ to address the proposed redevelopment of Cal Expo.

The process, which was proposed by Cal Expo Consultant Andrew Plescia, includes three major steps:

1.Review the Kamilos “Convergence” Proposal and determine if the plan is viable based on current and future market conditions;
2.Conduct a feasibility study of constructing a new fairgrounds at the Natomas site, including both physical planning and financial elements; and
3.Review the Cal Expo Strategic Development Plan from 2004 and identify potential opportunities for private development on the existing Cal Expo site.

The intent of the proposed three-step process is to have all three of the tasks described above performed simultaneously so that all the information resulting from the process can be provided to the Board and the public in a timely and expeditious manner.

“This process addresses the Cal Expo Board’s desire to move quickly, while at the same time gaining a thorough analysis of the options available for the redevelopment of the Fairgrounds,” said Cal Expo Board Chair Gil Albiani. “Only after a thorough analysis of the options available, can this Board be certain that its actions will result in the greatest economic return to Cal Expo. With this process, we can do that.”

In addition, the Cal Expo board directed staff to identify all funding mechanisms available to support the three step process, including possible reimbursements for all or part of steps 1 and 2.

“The taxpayers of Cal Expo deserve to know that we are exploring all our options and weighing them each in accordance with Cal Expo’s mission,” Albiani said.

Additional updates on this process will be provided at subsequent board meetings and will be made public in accordance with all public meeting laws.

For more information, members of the media may email or call 916-825-0646. Inquiries from the general public should be directed to To receive the most up-to-date information about Cal Expo, interested parties are encouraged to sign up for the Cal Expo e-newsletter.



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