The Millerizm GroupA historical moment in sports for Sacramento was Chris Webber’s number being retired on February 5th, 2009 . This memorable event was celebrated at his restaurant, Center Court in Natomas. The elegance of this event was evident that he is beloved by Sacramento . The cocktail area was full of toasts to good times as friends shared laughs. The dance floor was jam’n as the DJ CashWell spun the records. The cool weather was perfect for a friendly conversation by the fire in the court yard. The good vibrations continued as a live band, The Bay Area All-Stars, played inside the covered tent. People danced and sat back as they enjoyed this jazzy flow. This event was a wonderful experience that took careful preparation. Many people know about the Miller brothers through their events put on by their entertainment company called Millerizm. They also were involved with the organization of this event. To better understand the Millers, Derrick Miller offered some insight on the way he and his brothers collaborated together through this interview.

Dustin: How do all of the brothers work together in putting this on this event?

Derrick: Jamal, the younger brother, he basically handled coordinating with Center Court . He communicates with Erica, who works with Chris, through phone or emails to establish the details to ensure a positive outcome. Then as a group, we all handled the marketing for this event.


Dustin: How did the Millers get this opportunity and become one of the major event entertaining organizers in Sacramento ?

Derrick: Particularly here at Center Court , I came here one time for lunch and it was kind of empty. I thought it has a great atmosphere. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to bring our crowed here. I contacted the headquarters and talked to some executives that worked with Chris. An email was sent to Jamal and since then man, It’s been awesome experience. It’s been real cool because they’ve embraced us and we have been working with them since. They let us feel like we’re family and trust us like we own the place. It’s been real good.


Dustin: This is real nice, because the events through the Millers have brought more culture to Sacramento . The bay area has a wider variety of this type of element that ya’ll bring here. Adding a band to this event makes it really classy. What’s the name of the band and how did you get connected with them?

Derrick: They are called the Bay Area All-Stars. We established a connection with them through Frank McKone that is another artist. We cultivated a relationship at Thermostat Thursdays with some of the band members. They eventually came on board with us.


Dustin: It is a beautiful thing that four brothers work together, and work well with each other and delegate responsibilities. What was one of your first major experiences?

Derrick: Well, one of our major experiences we did was about three years ago when Sac State (CSU Sacramento) had the national track and field competition and we were at the restaurant called Sweet Water. That was our first experiences that we did. Ever since then, it has been just growing. Then we did the all white party on the river, which was one of our first major events that was successful. It has just taken off from there.

Submitted by Sac Hub Reporter Dustin Hunter


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