If you have not seen "The Lion King" run as fast as your legs will carry you and go see it.  If you have seen it, go again.  No slam to Disney’s animated movie but that does not even come close to seeing and hearing this story acted out in front of you. From the moment this play starts until it ends you are in for sights, sound, music and all out spectacle.  having seen many plays here and in New York I have to tell you this is the best play I have ever seen.  I will be going back this run and every time it comes to town, I’ll be there too. Simba, Mufasa, Rafiki, Nala, Zazu and Scar are waiting for you, they will not disappoint!
The Lion King
Sacramento Community Center
13th and L Streets
Shows runs May 27 – June 28, 2009

Submitted by Senior Staff Writer/Reporter, Donna Michele Ramos


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