On display is the authentic and beautiful photograph poster of “The Mighty Qwen Mejia” Entertainer at The Kuumba Collective Art Gallery (Black-owned by Marshall D. Bailey) in North Sacramento. Located at 1625 Del Paso Blvd. For more info call (916) 613-0099.

Who is Qwen Mejia? She is an extraordinary entertainer currently residing in the Sacramento area. Born in Chicago, Qwen began singing, performing and winning numerous talent shows at a very young age. By age 14, she was a backup singer for the legendary Josephine Baker (Circle Star Theater), was chosen to open for the drifters and most recently performed with the renowned singer, Mr. Keith Washington. In the past, she was the opening act at the Meadow View Jazz Festival in Sacramento California for the Emotions, Dramatics and Bloodstones.

Her background includes 25 years of successful experience singing a repertoire of Jazz, Blues and R & B. In addition to singing, Qwen Mejia has performed in and directed her own music videos. She is also an accomplished songwriter who has written and produced many of her own recordings. Having managed her own business for over 20 years, Qwen Mejia has shown the intelligence, confidence and motivation needed to become successful in this competitive business.

Track List:

1. Heat Up
2. Home Is in Your Arms
3. Deja Vu
4. Playing Me Close
5. Trance
6. Ready For Love
7. Call Me
8. Nobody Wins
9. Give in to Me
10. This Is the One
11. I Have Nothing
12. This Love Is For You
13. I Think I’m Gonna to Be Trouble
14. The Time Is Now


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