A published author, stage play producer and organization Founder, Tonya “TJ” Windham, has been a community force by working with various outreach programs that uplift and encourage the youth and fellow community members. In particularly her organization, Order My Life Productions, will be hosting their annual event, 3rd Annual Sacramento H.O.P.E. Awards on Sunday, December 9th from 5 pm to 7:30 pm at The Guild Theatre, to pay tribute and celebrate local community efforts. “We want to honor great people who give generously to their community and increase awareness of the smaller but hard working programs and leaders of Sacramento”, says TJ. Noticing that the “hands on” workers aren’t being celebrated, this event will build community strength and unity between leaders and services for long-lasting support for the next generation. TJ is dedicated to bringing Bay Area organizations and Sacramento organizations together to promote enthusiasm for positive change on a continually base. “If we can get excited for National Award shows then we can be fired up for our community stars”, TJ expressed.

Categories of awards that evening will include entertainment, community and youth. Enjoy seeing all the community leaders, live performances, raffle drawings and a golden opportunity to show support for your community.

$10/per person in advance and $15/per person at the door.

To cast your votes go to annualhopeawards@gmail.com.  For more info call (925) 755-6433 or go to www.helpsacramentokids.com.

Contributing Staff Writer, Mogul Mioshi


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