The frustrated songwriter starred in a series of Sesame Street shorts, until they were pulled due to parents’s complaints about their kids displaying violence akin to the Muppets! He’d be a perfect addition to Disney+’s new Muppets Now. A new episodes of the show is uploaded each Friday.

By Michael P Coleman

Watching one of the riotous new Muppets Now “Lifesty” segments with Miss Piggy, my mind wafted back to Don Music, a frustrated Sesame Street songwriter who could never manage to finish lyrics to child favorites like “The Alphabet Song” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Don made his debut back in 1974.

Don always managed to make it right to the end of the song he was composing — which was always CERTAIN to be a BIG, HIT SONG! — but prior to coming up with each song’s final line, he’d forcefully slam his head onto the top of his piano in a rage.

“I will NEVER be able to finish this song,” Don Music would bellow. Never, never, NEVER!”

Read the full feature, see Don Music for yourself, and you’ll understand why the forgotten Muppet has been one of MPC’s go-tos when he needs a good, quick laugh!

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