tears revived
tears revived
tears revived
Host of Half Circle TV, Jemuel “180” Johnson, releases his debut novel: “…And The Tears Revived”. The story is about a disillusioned missionary, who returns to his hometown to visit a sick friend, only to fall back in love with his ex-girlfriend. The first half of the book is the reunion between the two, the second half, the prequel, going back seven years to when they first met up to their imminent separation.
“I hope when people read this story, they”ll be more open to sharing their feelings and emotions to their partner. Sometimes, people hold on to their feelings and it comes out in negative forms”, explains Author Jemuel. Based on a true story of his life, this book (which took five years to write) was Jemuel’s inspiration after a bad breakup.
“…And The Tears Revived” was launched on the romantic day of Valentine’s Day 2013, to promote lovers to be emotionally satisfied in their relationships. Maintaining a positive relationship with a loved one is difficult no matter the circumstances. There are times when people may feel like their relationship with their significant other is going the wrong way. Fortunately, building a positive relationship is a skill which can be learned by everybody. Self-esteem is also very important. If you don’t love yourself, then it’s very hard for anyone else to love you and it affects not only dating but friendships as well.
“Love is a juggernaut, it’s like fire. Fire can warm or it can burn, depending on how it is used. Perhaps us humans should be more responsible and informed with love.”

For more info for “…And The Tears Revived” go to http://tinyurl.com/cmj3aj2 .

Contributing Staff Writer, Mogul Mioshi mioshi@sacculturalhub.com

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