by Michael P Coleman

I am really torn about telling you about this. 

On the one hand, it’s my job, and a brutha has a mortgage. 

On the other, I care about you too…much too much to put you through what I endured last year at the very aptly-named Heartstoppers Haunted House last year. It was my first-ever visit to a haunted house, and that dark, dank Friday night, about mid-way through, I vowed that if I survived it would be my last. 

If you don’t believe me, check out this video, taken scant minutes after I’d escaped Heartstoppers Haunted House last October.  I’d thrashed and yelled so much that I didn’t have a voice for the rest of the weekend.  (Thankfully, no one in my group got any of that on video…I hope ROFL.) 

Click here to read MPC’s full feature and get your tickets to Heartstoppers Haunted House, open through Nov 2 in Rancho Cordova!

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