Big Spence is back in town.  Who is Big Spence you ask, Marcus Spencer, a hometown boy and football phenomena who graduated from Del Campo High School in 2002, and is now living in Hollywood.  He has worked on many films in Los Angeles, Michigan and abroad with many A-list stars.  He also produces his own Christian films through his own Christian production company “Touch The Heart” Productions.  Currently he is in town filming “Ivy”, a period piece taking place in 1955 dealing with the Civil Rights Movement.  Ivy is played by Sacramento’s own Voress Franklin.  Big Spence is playing the role of her husband, Thomas Brown, a loving husband willing to do whatever he has to do to avenge the savage beating his wife takes, including taking on the regional chapter leader of the Klu Klux Klan.  We caught up with Big Spence to find out more about his career.

THE HUB: If you weren’t acting, what do you think you would be doing?
Big Spence: If the question was proposed before I started acting I would definitely be playing football.  I played two years semi-pro to stay local due to personal reasons.  Bills were due and I had to concentrate on working and taking care of my family, there’s no money in semi-pro ball.  However, in my acting career I have worked with many football players for instance, Ahman Green and Shawne Merriman both told me I have the stuff.  Seeing as tho’ the question is proposed now I would be producing (which I am) or even directing movies.

THE HUB: Describe your dream project.
Big Spence: My dream project is coming up…I would be the CEO of my own production company.  I would produce movies that have a positive message to make people think to touch people’s hearts (emotions).  Bernie Mac has taught me that the only difference between a small role and a large role is how (you) look at it.  When you’re in front of the camera give it your all, leave nothing behind… THIS IS YOUR TIME!  My dream project

THE HUB: What attracted you to your current project, Ivy?
Big Spence: I love that it is a period piece (1950’s).  I also love the rich dialog and the message that it is giving.  My manager, Lexa Credo is guiding my career and makes sure that I challenge and utilize my talents as well as my skills.  She listens to what I convey to her of what I want and she makes it happen. We also loved that it was being produced out of Sacramento.

THE HUB: What is the most unusual perk of your career?
Big Spence: On set, you get a chance to try many types of food. How many people even know or ever tasted a star fruit? (Have you?) I like the exposure to new things as well as the learning and shared experiences I get from co-stars, associates and peers.  Oh yeah, I get to go to the movies for free, that’s a great thing as well.

THE HUB: Can you give me 3 words that describe you?
Big Spence: Inquisitive, conscientious, wholehearted.

THE HUB: You got the nickname “Big Spence” from Will Smith, how did that come about?
Big Spence: On the set of “Pursuit of Happyness” Will asked me my name and I replied “Spence” which is a shortened version of my last name Spencer…and on the spot he dubbed me, “Big Spence”.

THE HUB: What locations have you worked at abroad?  Which was your favorite?
Big Spence: I think I was misquoted somewhere however I would love to go to Hong Kong, China; Paris, France and London, England. I think London would be first on my list because I love the English accent.

THE HUB: You have several movies under your belt, any favorites?
Big Spence: The Pursuit of Happyness which was my first will always be one of my favorites.  After all, because of Will I have a “stage name”.  Also I respect Will Smith as an actor, father and role model for other actors and young men.  I also have to mention Deon Taylor’s “The Hustle” that was also shot in Sacramento and of course “Milk Money” which was the first film of my company Touch The Heart Productions (shot in Oakland CA)   (see Milk Money Trailer)

THE HUB: Have you made any lasting friendships from cast mates?
Big Spence: I am still in contact with almost every single person I have worked with on set.  I definitely keep in touch with the entire cast of “The Prankster” and also the cast of “Everyday Black Man” which are both for sell on DVD.

Big Spence is indeed a busy actor, having worked on films that starred Terence Howard, Kristin Stewart to name a few and with director Deon Taylor.  Along with John Kenneth Wagner the man in and behind the lens, feels as strongly as big Spence about bringing more minorities to the film industry and making them powerful and not just the token.  Big Spence is primed for a career that not only continues to grow but to eventually take over the film industry.  Check out more about “Big Spence” at

Written by Senior Staff Writer, Donna Michele Ramos


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