Photo Courtesy CNN
Photo Courtesy CNN

Sen. Kamala Harris said Sunday that she applauds former Vice President Joe Biden’s apology on his comments about his ability to be civil and work with segregationist senators in the 1970s, but stopped short of absolving him of all of his past remarks on issues of race.

The California Democrat said a “point of disagreement” between the two still remains when it comes to desegregation busing.
“He is right to recognize the impact of his words, and I applaud him for doing that,” Harris said of her 2020 presidential opponent during a gaggle with reporters in Hartsville, South Carolina. “There is still a point of disagreement between he and I, and that remains … which is the issue of busing.”
“We cannot rewrite history about what segregationists were doing at that time on a number of issues including opposing busing.”
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