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Inspirational author Regina Donaldson writes with translucency and openness as she reveals pieces of her own journey towards becoming the woman she was meant to become as well as a poignant truth that will empower, equip and encourage women to progressively become the woman they were meant to be in Christ. On Sunday, November 4th at Dimitris Lounge in Suisun, Ca., the community and family members came to celebrate the official book release of Resolve: A Woman’s Journey to becoming The Woman She Was Meant to Be (Seed HousePublishing 2012).

I had the honor and pleasure of serving as Mistress of Ceremonies at the launch party, as Regina is my childhood friend from Fairfield/Suisun, Ca. Growing up, we both endured struggles that was bigger then our faith-at the time, but it shows great courage to stay in the race of living life to its full potential. This encouraging book provides confidence and motivation to live free and how to move forward in any area of life. Becoming the ideal woman is part of every woman’s childhood experiences. Yet, somewhere along the way of growing up, life takes a few unexpected turns. Experiences come to meet us in the road and dare to alter our becoming that ideal woman. False beliefs root, addictions form, we develop unhealthy habits, fear cements and our focus gets misdirected. “ The heart of a woman says this: I long to break free from who I am to become more of the woman I was meant to be,” says Regina. This wonderful book will help women reclaim their lives and identity and embrace their power and destiny without fear.

Launch party included complimentary refreshments, great fellowship and live guests performances from pianist, Nick Donaldson and R&B singer Moon Love. Author Regina Donaldson, is a motivational speaker and a youth ministry leader who has worked with youth since 2009 and currently resides in Fairfield California.

For more info about the author and her book go to call (510) 978-6219​.


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