Photo by Jim Watson / AFP via Getty Images
Photo by Jim Watson / AFP via Getty Images

A nurse from Michigan kicked off the 2021 inauguration celebration in an especially poignant way.

On Tuesday evening, Lori Marie Key, who went viral in April for her rendition of “Amazing Grace” during a shift change, sang the same song in honor of the 400,000 Americans who’ve died from COVID-19. She took the mic at an event organized by Joe Biden’s Presidential Inaugural Committee and held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Tuesday night.

“Working as a COVID nurse was heartbreaking,” Key said before singing. “It was heartbreaking for the patients who are sick, it was heartbreaking for the families who couldn’t be there with them and it was heartbreaking for those caring for them.”

“But when I’m at work, I sing,” Key said. “It gives me strength during difficult times and I believe it helps heal.”

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