In 2018, Stuart Matthewman, a famed British musician and longtime bandmate of the Grammy-winning group Sade, exclusively revealed to Rated R&B that the legendary band was “working on a new album.” 

“When we’re happy, then we’ll let everyone else hear it,” Matthewman told Rated R&B. “[Sade’s] not interested in the fame or any of that [other] stuff. She likes to put out art. So when it’s ready, it will come out.”

Two years later, Sophie Muller, an acclaimed music video director and Sade’s frequent collaborator, exclusively teased Rated R&B that the band would have possibly dropped their first album in a decade sometime this year had the pandemic not happened. 

“Well, I think it would have been this year,” Muller shared in July. “Of course, there’s been a lot of series of events occurring where things have slowed the world up. Maybe next year.” 

Now, after issuing This Far, a catalog-expanding box set of their six studio albums, Sade appears almost ready to release what is likely to be one of their most anticipated albums to date. In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, the renowned band revealed they are wrapping up the follow-up to 2010’s Soldier of Love.

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