Qubeey Inc., a safe and secure browser-less interaction for the user to leverage the power and the reach of the Internet without a dependency on the World Wide Web/Internet browser. There’s a new frontier of communication taking shape…and it’s in the form of a cube. Innovators (including family friend-Rocky & Victor Wright) of the browser-free communications platform Qubeey, previewed its 2.0 version and launched Chris Brown’s new channel at a VIP launch party featuring the Grammy-winning megastar held on Saturday, October 22, 2012 at a Beverly Hills mansion. A Qubeey blue carpet, instead of the usual red, welcomed celebrities from the entertainment and sports communities including superstar Rihanna; actor Evan Ross; L.A. Lakers forward Devin Ebanks and NBA player Rasual Butler; actors Christina de Rosa, Brandon T. Jackson, and Wesley Jonathan; singer Stacy Francis and rappers Too Short, Xzibit and Hazel E. Sponsors included Roadstarr, Papa Johns, G Block, Padrino Tequila, Bling H2O, Earloomz and Saha Concierge.
Brown, aka Breezy, and over a hundred celebrities have Qubeey channels, customized micro-sites showcasing products, services, videos, photos and more. New action cards provide real time, interactive notifications of all activity within a user’s social and business networks without the user ever having to visit those sites on the web.
“Through our 2.0 update you can access anyone and any activity within your social or business sites without checking emails or accessing each individual site. You can receive interactive notifications of all activity through Qubeey,” said company CEO Rocky Wright.

For more information and to register for your own free account visit www.qubeeypress.com.
Submitted by Contributing Writer, Mogul Mioshi – http://www.facebook.com/mioshij?ref=ts&fref=ts


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