Photo Courtesy of Amanda Spann
Photo Courtesy of Amanda Spann

The lack of diversity in the multibillion-dollar technology world is more than evident. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission more than 60 percent of the tech industry is white and that unbalanced demographic plays a huge part in the outcome of the overall industry.

Tech veteran, marketing consultant, app entrepreneur, and publicist Amanda Spann is keenly aware of the industry’s shortcomings. For that reason, she’s been the catalyst for creating a number of new opportunities for people of color navigating Silicon Valley.

To date, Spann is the mastermind behind companies like TipHub, an impact driven innovation community for Africa-based entrepreneurs and Afridate a dating app connecting eligible Black singles by nationality and ethnicity. Though, she’s widely known for creating Happii, the app and business development company which not only assists young entrepreneurs in the early stages of their career but helps them gain the necessary promotion to make their business a success.

With a plethora of successful business-related ventures, Spann has mastered the art of creating quality companies that satisfy the needs of society, with an emphasis in helping minorities step and succeed in the world of tech. Ahead she shares her journey and offers up some evergreen advice for Black women who aspire to work in tech.

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