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Let’s be honest, we should already know who will be the next James Bond by now. The scene was set at the end of Spectre for Daniel Craig to ride off into the sunset, and for a new Bond to earn their license to kill. But here we are, six years later and still no closer to knowing who the next 007 will be.

All we seem to know right now is what the next James Bond can’t be. Bond can’t be gay; Bond can’t be a woman; Bond can’t be this; Bond can’t be that. Why is it that when we’re discussing the next Bond people get so wrapped up in what they don’t want the character to be?

Remember the shitstorm when Daniel Craig was cast in the role? A blonde Bond was unthinkable to the tabloids, bloggers and some Bond aficionados, but that didn’t work out too bad – a (money) penny for their thoughts right now. If Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, had got his way, Sean Connery would never have played the role after the writer described him as an “over-developed stunt man”. That casting choice turned out not too shabby either.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the course of 25 movies and 58 years it’s that Bond is a malleable character that can be anything we want it to be. And yes, that means Bond can be Black.

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