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Dave Brown, founder of Indie Night Film Festival, the world’s first and only weekly film festival celebrates its 10th Season and prepares for 11th Season

Dave Brown has always believed that hard work and perseverance will get you anywhere no matter how long it takes. Something can be said about being in a presence that screams independence. Although, it is no surprise that Brown has immersed himself in industrious characters when his beginnings surrounded him with knowledge of diligence.

His father is civil rights activist Reverend Amos Brown, a man who preached togetherness within his community. The reverend was historically one of 8 students who took a course taught by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He has since had extensive work given his current position with the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP. Dave has taken this sense of overcoming strife to service a group of his own, the creative community.

Out came the Indie Night Film Festival, a weekly staple that showcases the latest in indie projects. Submitted are clips that range from short films, webseries, episodes of new programs, and trailers. Nothing is excluded when presenting the best, brightest, and newest in up and coming talent.

During the weekly screenings, actors, filmmakers and producers are heavily encouraged to discuss their current, past, and future projects. Relevancy is not put into question when you are met with the most supportive of faces. Brown recognizes that all art needs nurturing and the Indie Night Film Festival provides just that.

The festival is run weekly in the historic TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. The venue itself has been a valued location for many years among artistic patrons. Brown saw his chance to move into the theater and join in on history.

In addition to the in person screenings, he also offers a virtual option given the current pandemic. “On-Demand” is a service where you can catch the premieres that you have missed. Involvement comes in many different ways and this accessible service is no different.

Over the years, Dave has created relationships that have stood the test of time. This expert in networking has gained the respect of all including veteran actors and burgeoning stars. It all takes just one good idea to move up in society and Brown is pleased to provide that platform.

Patrons of his event have included known actors such as beloved actor Morris Chestnut, director of Boyz In The Hood and Poetic Justice, the late John Singleton, multi-talented entertainer Jamie Foxx, Datari Turner, and many more. Foxx and Chestnut have been especially key to Dave achieving such great success according to Brown. However, Dave Brown wants it to be crystal clear that artists from all walks of life are welcome to submit their work for a showing.

When he’s not filming, he’s invited to speak at universities across the globe about the ins and outs of the film industry and have invited Academy winner Jamie Foxx and actor Morris Chestnut as special guests to inspire college students even more.

In 2023 Indie Night FF Tour is coming to London, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta and Canada  to provide creators an opportunity to submit their films to Indie Night and be seen by film producers, casting directors at TCL Mann Theatre in Hollywood.

More info on how to submit or get involved or Instagram @indienightff @davebrownusa


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