Friends come and go in high school. These girls in the photo above me are some females. I hope I still have as friends when I leave high school.  We took this picture at Luther Burbank High School.  Friends mean a lot especially in high school. Some of them might not be real as they claim they are but you would eventually find that out for yourself. I’ve had so many “friends” that I actually thought I could open up to and do things with them but that wasn’t the case.  
Sometimes I wish that I had people to open up to without worrying if they are going to judge me or even leave me without giving me advice.  The friends I have at the moment are very fun and outgoing. I’ve lost some close friends that I wish I never lost. But everything happens for a reason. Making friends is easy for me. I’m an extrovert. I love meeting new people. If one of my friends is in need of something I would help them in anyway I can. Because that’s what a good friend does. A good friend is also honest and trustworthy.


Submitted by Youth-In-Training Writer, Rosemary Estrada who is a participant in the Girls on the Rise program managed by the Center for Community Health And Well Being, Inc. in Sacramento.  Rosemary completed the “Intro to Social Media Journalism Training 101 for Teens” classes presented by Pleshette Robertson, Executive Director for Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation at Mutual Housing Assistance in February in Sacramento that covered: dos and donts on your personal profile; how to share your story or quotes; when to share your political view and why; sharing your opinion in response to an issue or friend’s post; finding your voice, tone, and style on social media as well as and establishing your brand. If you, your school or your organization is interested in having Pleshette present these classes at your location for your group, e-mail

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