Sacramento – The California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) saw many successes in our priority and endorsed legislation championed over the 2019-20 legislative session. Despite the challenges of the health and racism pandemics, the CLBC continues to author groundbreaking legislation making California a stronger, fairer State. There were a few bills that did not pass, but we will look at the possibility to introduce similar bills next year.

Signed Legislation 

  • SB 203       Bradford  Juveniles: custodial interrogation
  • ACA 5        Weber California Act for Economic Prosperity (Opportunity for All)                                    
  • ACA 6        McCarty  Free the Vote
  • AB 846      Burke Police Job Descriptions and Bias Screening
  • AB 979      Holden Corporate Board Diversity
  • AB 1185   McCarty Sheriff Oversight        
  • AB 1196   Gipson Carotid Restraint       
  • AB 1460   Weber Ethnic Studies
  • AB 1950   Kamlager Probation Reform
  • AB 1506   McCarty Independent Investigations for Police Deadly Force
  • AB 3070   Weber  Juries: peremptory challenges
  • AB 3121   Weber    Reparations Task Force

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