by Contributing Writer, Cheryl Howard

This affluent, articulate and obviously intelligent woman, Candace Owens, in my opinion has totally missed the point regarding the death of George Floyd (CLICK HERE to listen on why Candace Owens does not support George Floyd). It had absolutely nothing to do with if he was not an upstanding member of society, nor about whether he had a criminal record, or if he was in possession of an illegal substance, or if he was high on said substance. He did not resist. He was pinned to the ground with hands cuffed in the back. There was NO justification for the brutality and total disregard for this man’s life! Yes, a man, often looked at as a sub-human because of the color of his skin.

For the past century blacks have grossly suffered the most horrendous tortures, murdering, and lynching’s, simply because of the extra melanin in their skin. Owen’s rantings were so off point she focused on the facts that he had a criminal record and that he did not deserve a T-Shirt? The death of Floyd was a most egregious climax to what has been going on in just the past ten years! Black men and women have viscously died at the hands of those who were sworn to serve and protect. There has been an ignored disconnect somewhere! There has been no retribution for the actions of police officers and white supremacist who have taken the lives of blacks unfairly and unjustly across this nation and world.

George Floyd may have been a sub-citizen as far as they were concerned, but in the eyes of his daughter he was a Hero, in the eyes of his siblings, he was a loving brother, and in the eyes of his late mother, who he cried out to while he lie dying, he was an Angel. Candace Owens has misrepresented Floyd; she has misrepresented the very heart and soul of our people. We want change, we want reversal of fortune, we want to stop witnessing the unjust deaths of our brothers and our sisters! Our friends, our sons, and our daughters, we want it all to stop! Yes, we have seen the anger and the out of control vandalizing of our streets. However, to the credit of those who have righteous indignation, those who have made attempt to protest the injustices in a peaceful manner, but sadly to no avail, have not been heard. To those who have ignorantly taken advantage of the situation, these we are ashamed, yet, and still the anger is real. There is a message in the air, “We are fed up!”, “We can’t take this anymore!” The death of Floyd represented that very outcry. His death should not be in vain, his death should be the catalyst for change. Listen! Listen white privileged America! Listen powers that be! It is time to give us our just dues, it is way past due! This hurt! This hurts because it is more than enough! 

Racism, white privileged, powers that be, wickedness in high places, take your knees off our neck!

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Cheryl Denice HowardCheryl Denice Howard is a freelance writer and in her short career has successfully written three stageplays, was editor and creator of three community newsletters, and while in college had more than 30 articles published. Her favorite genre of writing is Opinion. She won an award for opinion writing, and it was well deserved. She is currently working on her first screenplay while pursuing a Bachelor degree in Journalism with a Minor in Creative Writing.



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