PHOTO: Courtesy HealthDay/MedlinePlus

A new study has found that lupus is more likely to affect young, black woman than their while counterparts, according to an article on the website of MedlinePlus, courtesy of HealthDay.

According to the study, of the 2.4 million people studied in the southeastern part of Michigan, lupus affect one in 537 black women, compared to one in 1,153 white women. According to the article, researchers also found black women are more likely to be diagnosed with lupus at a younger age and during childbearing years, and black women with lupus also had higher rates of serious health complications including kidney failure and neurological problems.

Researchers staed that while right now there is a “poor understanding” of the causes of lupus, they hope research like this will help them narrow down causes and “better recognize” risk factors in the future.

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