March 19, 2014 — Can you be at the State Capitol Monday at 3 p.m.?  Your help will make a big difference!

State Capitol Room 437 * Utilities & Commerce Committee Hearing on AJR39 Monday at 3pm helps all Access Centers.

If approved, this resolution will help solve a problem that complicates the way money can be spent by non-profit organizations like ours that  help broadcast local community programs. The change would allow more flexibility in providing the services you use most.

Access Sacramento sent a letter of support; attending will let committee members know there is broad public support for this. Come if you can!

This joint resolution directs Congress to “solve” the limitations on how public, education and government Access centers can use the money they receive from their  cable commissions.  Please come. Be in the room to support Access Broadcast Centers Everywhere.
All you have to do is stand and say, “I’m _____ from ______. I support AJR39.”

Thank you for everything you do for Access Sacramento. We try not to ask very often for your help–but success at the hearing on Monday would make a huge difference.

Gary Martin, Executive Director
Access Sacramento


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