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Chief Daniel Hahn - Sacramento Police Department Over 200 persons attended the 2019 Sacramento Realtist Installation and Awards Dinner on Thursday, January 31st at the beautiful Falls Event Center in Elk Grove, CA. Keynote speaker, Chief Daniel Hahn of the Sacramento Police Department gave an awesome testimony of how he grew up in Oak Park witnessing several violent crimes as a child while sharing how his mom’s love for the community contributed significantly to shaping him into the man he is today.  Chief Hahn is to be commended on never wavering to come back to his roots to work and live in the community where he grew up.  Chief Hahn has stated: “As the police chief in my hometown, I understand the challenges of making Sacramento a city that cherishes and protects the dreams of everyone.”

Several special awards were presented during the Gala by Sac Realtist President Sheila Bennett that included:  

Henry O. Currie (Advocate for the Association) Award – ZORITHA THOMPSON
WHEREAS, the late Henry Orlando Currie, III, was not just a practitioner in Real Estate but an Advocate for Democracy in Housing. Henry O. Currie, III exemplified the 7 Advocacy Actions.
      1. Believe – He believed he could make a difference.
      2. Be Informed – He read, researched and studied.
      3. Discuss the Issues – He spread the word.
      4. Get on Record – He wrote, spoke out, and took action.
      5. Be a Resource – He provided his expertise.
      6. Volunteer – He played a part for the cause.
      7. Contribute – He donated money and time.
Zoritha Thompson, Sac Realtist Treasurer stated: “My business partner was one of the founding members of this organization and I have been a member of the Sac Realtist for almost 30 years now and I just want to say that I’m so thankful and I’m so happy for all these young folks that are here carrying this legacy … back in the day Henry Currie, my partner Jean Goree – they were the OGs – now I’m the OG – OKAY – and it’s just so nice to see these guys carrying  the torch – THANK YOU SO MUCH – it really means a lot.”
President’s Choice Award – STEPHEN T. WEBB

Affiliate of the Year Award – TANISHA BROADWAY

Realtist of the Year Award – SHON KNIGHT

Lifetime Treasurer Award – EDDIE LEWIS for his unwavering commitment, contributions and service.

Jarrod Trujillo was named President of the newly created Young Realtist Division as the Sac Realtist Association seeks to increase its membership with millenials and build homeownership with young adults.  Jarrod just 3 years into his real estate career with the Paula Willhite & Associates Real Estate Team where he is recognized by his business associates and clients alike for his loyalty, integrity and professionalism.  Jarrod lives by the slogan of: “Not Just Your Ordinary Real Estate Company, We Believe In Creating Legacies!”

The Installation of the officers for the Sacramento Realtist Association that were sworn in are (in photo from top left to right: Asia, Eddie, Valencia, Stephen, Tanisha, and Juan and lower left to right: Zoritha, Jarrod, Sheila, and Shon):
2019 Sac Realtist Officers
Sheila Bennett, President
Tanisha Broadway, 1st Vice President
Stephen T. Webb, 2nd Vice President
Zoritha Thompson, Treasurer
Valencia Mischal, Secretary
Eddie Lewis, Parliamentarian
Asia Allen, Director
Shon Knight, Director
Juan Lashley, Director
Jarrod Trujillo, Director

The Sacramento REALTIST Association is a minority trade organization. The local chapter was established in the early 1990’s. Sac Realtist are aligned with CAREB-California Association of Real Estate Brokers and NAREB-National Association of Real Estate Brokers. NAREB was formed back in 1947 because African-Americans were not allowed to join the real estate trade associations, thus we were formed. We were created on the principal that all citizens have the right to equal housing opportunities, regardless of race, creed or color.

Sheila Bennett, President of the Sac Realtist stated: “I realized that I was here to serve … and I wasn’t here just to grow my business now I’m being blessed because of what I’m doing and what I’m giving and how I’m giving back to my community. I am building relationships with people at Wells Fargo, BBVA, Union Bank, U.S. Bank, Citibank, Bank of the West. But I’m building these relationships and not because I want to get more leads but because I want to make a difference and we (Sacramento Realtist Association) are making a difference!”

Embedded in its mission as stated by NAREB’s President, Ron Cooper is: “NAREB is taking the lead to re-build Black wealth through homeownership. Our goal is to ensure that Black Americans and others adversely affected by the recent and devastating economic meltdown have the opportunity to rebuild their economic legacy that was destroyed or drastically diminshed during the nation’s near financial collapse.

The Sacramento Realtist Association expressed gratitude to their loyal sponsors for their continued support that included: The Monty Maxwell Team, Radian, US Bank, and American Pacific Mortgage.

I continue to be moved with inspiration by the Sac Realtist, CAREB, & NAREB events I’ve attended for the last 3 years where I always hear and meet fantastic speakers and pick up golden nuggets of information that come full circle and is so educational when it comes to the cornerstone bedrock of homeownership and the importance of building Black wealth via homeownership. Onward and upward in its theme: “Realtist continuing the Legacy! If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.”

To see more photos from the 2019 Sac Realtist Installation & Dinner Gala go to the Sac Realtist Facebook Album

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