Photocredit: Rayford Johnson (916.868.7048)
Photocredit: Rayford Johnson (916.868.7048)

by Chief Editor, Pleshette Robertson

YES, we will recover. Americans are resilient. This resilience is especially strong among people of color in America who continuously build this country’s systems and resources while fighting to participate in its wealth and freedoms. This is the best time in America. It’s not our past and we can only hope for the future. We live today, with more options than ever before, more knowledge, technology, employment choices, health and social services, ways to communicate, types of transportation, controlled environments, entertainment, and much more. 
In the Spring 2021 issue of THE HUB Magazine, I encourage you to READ all of our articles which are meant to educate, inform and inspire you and your family on aspects of our recovery and survival during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It has been hard for our communities to rally and cope with the fear, sickness and loss of life from the COVID- 19 pandemic when wave after wave of trauma has hit us in the forms of injustice, social unrest, political battles, and economic decline. We have individuals and families suffering with PTSD, depression, anxiety and pure anger due to experiencing or witnessing police brutality, violence, unemployment, isolation, addiction, and poor physical and mental health. These are the stories that move us and cause the fight for racial and social equity, economic prosperity and justice reform to endure. 
COVID-19 has brought with it new opportunities in addition to the struggles and losses. There are people of color who are thriving and some that have maintained during this pandemic. We can learn about their success and find hope in forecasts that expect 2021 to show strong growth in California’s economy due to COVID-19 vaccinations and federal relief. 
I am doing my best to be positive about the future and plan for a safe road to recovery with finances, health, and day-to-day responsibilities. I am also planning several getaways this year with family and girlfriends to support my mental health. 
If you are able, you too should plan for some vacation or staycation to spend time relaxing and appreciating the good people and blessings in your life. I suggest a day trip or 2-3 days in beautiful scenic places such as Monterey, Napa, or Lake Tahoe to nurture your spirit and relationships. With Mother’s Day coming up in May, it just might be the way to celebrate. 
Stay encouraged everyone as even in the worst of days, the best is yet come. 
True Blessings!


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