Recently, Sac Hub had the chance to interview a representative from The Gospel Vine, a local business that is dedicated to marketing events to the faith-based community in Sacramento, Central Valley and the Bay Area. The Gospel Vine specializes in low-cost, high-impact marketing for churches, gospel concerts, Christian plays, inspirational poetry, fellowship events and much more. Read on to learn a little bit more about how the company is helping the Christian community–both locally and nationally.

Sac Hub: What are some of the challenges that you are facing as an entrepreneur and how are you dealing with it?
The Gospel Vine (TGV): The current economy has caused gospel event promoters to struggle. This industry is already hindered with corporate funding restrictions and sometimes non-commercial marketability. Many promoters have impressive project concert plans headlining the largest gospel artists on the charts. However as of late, too many events have failed due to inadequate ticket sales and community support. As the advertising partner, it’s often difficult to watch these ambitious promoters get discouraged and take significant financial lossess while trying to do something so positive for their communities. If the promoters loose their ambition then the entire community looses out because ultimately these entertainment opportunities begin to diminish.

Sac Hub: Three words that best describe the service/products of the business:
TGV: Advertising/Marketing, Christian Entertainment, Fellowship-Networking Opportunities

Sac Hub: Describe the services offered in very blunt words?
TGV: E-blast marketing and radio and other services offerred through extended media partners.

Sac Hub: Who are the majority of your clients?
TGV: Gospel promoters, churches/ministries and Christian business owners.

Sac Hub: Tell us about the needs you see your clients wanting and how you are able
to meet their particular needs:
TGV: Smaller ministries often have quality productions, anointed visions and awesome talent. However their budgets and resources are limited. Often, they can’t take advantage of the major media outlets and are forced to rely on word of mouth and other limited efforts to fill their events. TGV provides high impact marketing for a reasonable and affordable price. The larger entities also benefit from out services because of our large geographic membership base. Our database reaches thousands of people between Sacramento, the Central Valley to the Greater Bay Area! Our extended networks cover the entire country!

Sac Hub: Where do you see The Gospel Vine 10 years from now in your business?
TGV: A full service Christian multi-media advertising agency and promotions company. Specializing in internet-based marketing, gospel concert and Christian lifestyle event promotions. We want help foster the most sophisticated and socailly active faith-based community right here in Northern California. We want to work towards builsding community partnerships amoung churches, and the entire christian community. Our current focus is the Northern California market, however we’re already receiving significant demand from Las Vegas other areas.

Sac Hub: Tell us what potential clients could expect to receive from your business:
TGV: They can expect professionallism, strategic marketing consultation and dedicated and quality service. We will give visibility to their advertisement to the most loyal customer base known – the faith-based community!

Sac Hub: Please tell us something that you would want new prospective clients to know about GospelVine and the particular niche that makes you stand out from your competitors:
TGV: The goal of The Gospel Vine is to be a platform for small and large faith-based entities to have a voice in the community. And to bring awareness and celebration to the Christian-lifestyle. We want to make people aware that the faith-based community is vibrant, diverse, fun and very active. Living a Christian lifestyle doesn’t have to equal major entertainment sacrafice. People can have fun and live full lives while glorifying the Kingdom at the same time. TGV wants to be the number one information source for Christian comedy, plays, gospel concerts, wholesome family events, men and women’s conferences, Christian business advertisements and more.

We stand out because we have a hard line faith-based only advertisement policy. When you receive TGV, you can have the confidence that the information you receive holds the integrity of a top quality true Christian standard. Our membership has increased 500% in the first year and we’re still growing! What makes us most unique is that we take the time to pray over every advertisement that we promote. This keeps us humble and true to our Christ-centered foundation. We don’t pray that each event is successful, instead we pray that God’s Will be done. We want each event to rise to His glory instead of being judged by man’s standard.

Contact Information:
The Gospel Vine: or (916) 208-5123


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