It can be tough to tell if you’re depressed. But if you know what the early warning signs of depression might look like, it can be so much easier to spot a shift in your mood, or pick up on changes in your overall outlook on life. And from there, make a few steps towards managing your symptoms — before they become more intense.

“While everyone gets sad sometimes, depression is a pervasive and consistent sense of hopelessness and low self-worth,” Victoria Fisher, LMSW, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with experience diagnosing depression, tells Bustle. “It affects how you think, act, and move through the world. Depression may have medical, psychological, or social causes, and causes are different for everyone.”

Many of the symptoms, however, can look the same, or at least very similar. And recognizing them is incredibly helpful. “Spotting early warning signs of depression allows you to face them head-on by seeking treatment or support,” Fisher says, “which can prevent a prolonged bout and make it easier to recover in the future.”

You can manage depression by making small lifestyle changes, and/or asking your doctor about other treatments. You can also reach out for help from a therapist, and take their recommendations. It’s highly treatable, so if you notice any of the symptoms below — or someone in your life points them out — don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

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