Before helping hundreds of women transform themselves through food, Chef Ahki was simply tired of getting sick. “For years I suffered from dehydration and random fainting spells,” she says. “I did not realize that my lack of fruit, vegetables, and water [intake] was the cause of this.” At 18 she transitioned to a plant-based diet.

Like many sisters, Chef Ahki recognized that eating from the earth is a part of her legacy. “Black women taught the world how to prepare delicious food. For centuries we have taken the earth’s harvest and with skill and creativity birthed an array of the finest cuisine coveted by many,” she says. “Our kitchen alchemy has always been a major part of our Black Girl Magic.”

The Oklahoma native was raised by four generations of medicine women, who educated her about indigenous foods and alternative modalities. She describes her diet as not just vegan—abstaining from animal by-products—but also electric, which essentially means foods that are not acidic or starch-based.

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