We are looking for youth between 14-18 years of age to represent youth Voice in The South Sacramento Community Media Reporting. Sound interesting?

In Partnership with the UC Davis Center for Community School Partnerships and Access Sacramento, the Youth Media Block Report Team will represent high-school youth involved in harnessing the savvy use of technology to cultivate meaningful grassroots efforts improving community and neighborhood conditions through use of social media reporting.

The immediate tasks of the South Sac Block Report Team will be to:
1.  Identify local mainstream media partners who commit to supporting this work and are dedicated to showcasing youth media in a series of Youth Media Forums.

2.   Assist in creating regular youth created digital content for the Neighborhood News web site (AccessLocal.tv) and video programming to be regularly distributed on Access Sacramento cable channel 17 and other supportive media outlets.

3.  Foster meaningful communication and connectedness for South Sacramento youth, establishing outreach and training strategies to be expanded throughout the Sacramento Region.

4.  Advocate for policies that improve community conditions and healthy life-style choices in South Sacramento through targeted social media campaigns and engagement with other like-minded organizations.

· Learn how to make make Social Media Video Projects
· Gain experience that will be bene?cial to you in college and/or workplace
· Gain valuable skills in advocacy, public speaking, and meeting facilitation
· Members can earn community service hours and a $50 quarterly stipend
· Represent your school, and community

Commitment to the project is required:
* Monthly Media Team Meetings: 1-2 hours per month the 1st Thursday of every month 3:00 -5:00pm
* Meeting locations will be announced prior to the meeting date.
* Plan on meeting at least once a month with the full group and once a month with sub-committee team members.
* Trainings: Two to four Saturday or Sunday all-day training’s or retreats
* Mini-trainings throughout the year focusing on media/video documentary skill building, planning, and community analysis.
* Team Members will help plan and facilitate the annual convening’s of the Youth Media Forum For Social Change
* Networking Opportunities: Collaborate and network with other youth leaders and community members.

Sound interesting? Want to know more? Contact:
Kindra F. Montgomery-Block
530-752-6090 Phone
530-752-3754 Fax


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