by Senior Staff Writer, Donna Michele Ramos

This single, working mother obtained her real estate credentials from Sacramento City College-Davis Extension.  Denise was born and raised in St. Louis and has been in Sacramento since 1986.  Her daughter Destiny Grace is the pride of her life.  Destiny is in the GATE program in school, and is very accomplished at the ripe old age of 10.  She plays the violin, speaks Spanish and has the lead role in drama class in the play, A Willie Wonka. 

Three words that best describe Denise:  LOUD!, Genuine, Diligent

How would you define being a mother? She provides unconditional love to her kids and does whatever it takes to make sure her kids are happy and well taken care of.

About your transition from working full time at CA Black Chamber of Commerce to now working as an entrepreneur as a realtor: Most people don’t know this but, I started as a volunteer at the CA Black Chamber back in November 2006. Since 1995, my background included property management, hospitality and sales. In fact, from 2001 through 2004, I managed a multi-million dollar apartment complex in Davis, CA. I managed 4 full time associates and 1,000 plus college students. Talk about adventure!
But, to answer your question regarding my transition from the CBCC. Although, the transition was difficult and somewhat unexpected, in hindsight I’ve come to understand that God had a much larger vision for me. The Chamber is one of the finest organization I’ve ever worked for. Working side by side with Mr. Stone was an honor. He’s a motivator and a serious businessman. He taught me that to be successul one must be able to recognize opportunity. In August 2008, I was given the opportunity to pursue my passion and I embraced it with open arms.
How does the new program, “…employer-assisted housing campaign”, will really help new and current homeowners? The Home from Work housing initiative is a phenomenal program. I’m the only trainer here in Northern California and 1 of about 80 nationwide. Approximately 95% of the people I’ve surveyed over the past 4 years have never even heard of an employer assisted housing (EAH) benefits plan. This gap represents an amazing opportunity for Realtors and industry professionals to make a real impact here in Sacramento. In a nutshell, the program encourages employers to help their valued employees buy homes.
By doing so, employers will reduce turnover costs, retain top talent, help revitalize neighborhoods, improve employer/employee relations, reduce commute times for their employees and create a sustainable future for all citizens. The most important key to the program lies in its benefits: 1. On site home buyer education workshops, 2. One-on-One credit counseling and 3. Financial incentive, such as a matched savings plan, grants or a forgivable loan.
As an Independent Contractor for the National Association of Realtors, my job is to train Realtors. To date, I’ve trained over 50 Realtors. During the 3 hour training session, agents are taught how to use tools and resources to help employers design and implement their own EAH program. Most employers will lean toward offering this type of benefit because it’s the right thing to do and they want to be recognized by their peers. Call me crazy, but if we (real estate practioneners) are aggressive enough in our approach and focus our efforts on the systematic implementation of this initiative, we could see a substantial shift in the local housing market. In essence, any person with a job has the opportunity to benefit from this program. That’s huge and I’m just peachy about it!
What do you love most about being an entrepreneur? The freedom to spend quality time with the love of my life, my daughter Destiny Grace. Oh and also going to lunch when I want or taking the day off to kick pebbles if I choose to:)
How would you recommend others to pursue their dreams to work for themselves in such devastated economy? I have this saying that I go by, God gave it to me about a year ago, “Sucess should never be measured by another man’s standards. But, success is the very thing that brings you everlasting joy.” So, my advice to anyone trying to break through is to simply find out what thing or activity brings you everlasting joy. I mean joy deep down on the inside. When you find that, roll with it. Write the vision, make it plain and then execute it. That’s key.
10 years where do you yourself from now and where does she the housing industry in Sacramento going? In 10 years I see myself heavily involved in the afforadable housing arena, real estate investing and homebuyer education initiatives. Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors for Sacramento Mutual Housing Association and recently joined their Acquisitions and Real Estate Development Committee. I’m honored to be in a position to help them live out their mission to develop and operate permanently affordable housing. Since high school I’ve always dreamed of owning hotels, apartment buildings and residential housing etc. I even joked to a friend that I’m planning to become the female version of Donald Trump. . .LOL
The bible says, “My people perish because of lack of knowledge.” For this reason, my partner, Mone’ McLucas and I founded The D.R.E.A.M. Team Project. You can find us at Our mission is to educate and empower faith-based organizations with life-changing homebuyer education and financial literacy programs, which will lead to good real estate decisions. This vision came to pass on Saturday, January 30th. We hosted the 1st Annual, “It’s A New Day” homebuyer fair at South Sacramento Christian Center. As a result of, our organization will award a $1,500.00 down payment to a qualified family or individual and donate almost $2,000.00 to the S.S.C.C. building fund! We are thrilled and look forward to working with other ministries throughout Sacramento!
What is the golden key for getting HOMES SOLD and getting new HOMEBUYERS QUALIFIED in this economy? The “golden” key is education and empowerment. When you provide people with enough information and resources to help them solve their problems…you’ve just tapped into the best thing since sliced bread. In other words, when you help enough people get what they want..they will help you get what you want. People need to move from fear to action. Fear paralyzes a person, but action thrusts you into your destiny. When people feel empowered, they make good decisions. I’m just like a tour guide. As you know where you want to go, I will get you there!
What do enjoy doing in her spare time? During my down time I enjoy curling up in my little chair with a hot cup of tea or coffee and reading.  Back in the day you couldn’t get me to read the signs outside. I hated it. But, when I made the decision to become an entrepreneur I checked out every book known to man. The I Street library is my second home (LOL)! If I could suggest one thing to the person reading this article, I would say, read, read and read some more. I always tell people, I’m not as smart as you think I am, I just read alot.

What social media do you use? I am a Facebook addict, but I have gotten clients off of Facebook.  I also use Twitter and LinkedIn.

What do you like about The Hub and The website is very interactive.  Pleshette was one of my first clients when I was at the Chamber of Commerce.  The Hub is very well-connected to the community and what is going on in terms of events.  Her Women in Business event is fantastic.  I look forward to attending this year=s event.  She also spotlights different businesses; she is going to go far. you think I am, I just read alot.

Denise R. McCoy is 1 of 7 Certified Trainers in California for the National Association of REALTORS7. Denise is a former property manager with real estate sales, hospitality, and marketing experience. She is the founder of; and is an active board member for the Sacramento Mutual Housing Association. She recently joined the Acquisitions and Real Estate Development committee for SMHA.For more information on the EAH class, call Holly Moskerintz at 202-383-1157 or e-mail or CLICK HERE


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