By Michael P Coleman

Rising country star Kane Brown has sidestepped the sophomore slump with his daring new Experiment album, which debuted atop Billboard’s all genre Hot 200 Albums chart.  Brown has gone from YouTube sensation to the big time in no time.  

Experiment showcases very well-written songs with unforgettable hooks and notes of classic R & B and rock blended with errant steel guitars and fiddles. 

“Coming from my first album, I still didn’t feel accepted by Nashville,” Brown said shortly before Experiment’s release. “So, for this album, it was like a second chance.”

Brown’s husky baritone is perfectly suited for Nashville, and the man undoubtedly turns heads in that town, looking more like Drake than Garth Brooks or even Kenny Chesney. The up-and-comer seems to revel in upsetting the country apple cart, eschewing the traditional cowboy hat and boots, ripping up the jeans, and getting more tattooed and pierced with each project.

And if Experiment is an indication of Brown’s future in country, I’m here for it.  The new album is even stronger than his excellent 2017 self titled debut album, with standouts including the lovely “Live Forever” and “Homesick,” the raucous “Short Skirt Weather,” the chill “Weekend,” and the contemplative “American Bad Dream,” which gives the middle finger to Nashville’s legendary, sometimes misplaced “patriotism” — and the MAGA crowd. 

Give Experiment a listen, even if you’re not one of country’s core fans.  From the sound of this album — and the look of Kane Brown — he isn’t, either!  

Kane Brown’s new Experiment is available at all major digital outlets and at retail. 

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