In today’s society, good morals and values are not being honored in the younger generation
as time goes on. Mind Focus, Inc is a charitable non-profit organization based in Sacramento and for six years, they’ve assisted hundreds of kids and teenagers in our community and surrounding cities with services such as; free dance class, youth outreach and free youth empowerment workshops. Dedicated to youth development, this organization created a signature event called, “Youth Going Places”-a monthly teen forum that discusses important topics in teenage life.

In April 2011, the discussion of gang violence/activity was addressed and had Sacramento based providers to sound off on the topic. Sheriff Henry Harry, Thug Exposed Founder-Rayford Johnson, Home Grown Soul Show host-Akil and local reformed gang member Rosalyn Brooks-Founder of Sunshine Through The Rain, served as the adult panelists prior to the youth having their time to give their prospective on this life changing topic. With great entertainment provided by DJ SN1, Gospel Artist-J6 and local youth dance troop, The WII Girls-Mind Focus gave all youth a platform to present their concerns and enjoy other teens in the area. Sponsorship from Sac Cultural Hub (Youth Division) and the Oak Park Community Center Teen Unity Program, this event was a success and made our teens look at the unglamorous view of gang violence destroying our families and fellow community members.

In remembrance of a local woman, Monique Nelson-who was killed in a crossfire that was gang related last year, Mind Focus presented a “Peace Certificate” to the family stating that they will do their part in educating young people how to respect each other as well as how to deal with conflict resolution.

For more information on how to participate in the next Mind Focus event, contact Mioshi Jackson at or visit

(from left to right) Sheriff Henry Harry-Youth Activist, Rayford Johnson-ThugExposed, Akil-Home Grown Soul Show Host and Rosalyn Brooks-Sunshine Through The Rain (all adult panelists)

(from left to right) Mioshi Jackson-Founder of Mind Focus and J6-Gospel Recording Artist w/the Peace Certificate


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