The Sacramento regional arts initiative For Arts’ Sake is continuing its work implementing the ambitious creative action plan. Its next step is to assess the needs of  Sacramento artists through an online survey about what it’s like to be an artist in the region, and what spaces, capital, materials and support is required to be successful.


This survey is designed to collect information from Sacramento area artists of all creative disciplines including visual arts, music, film, dance, choreography, theatre, and literary arts as well as commercial arts disciplines, including architecture, graphic design, fashion design, commercial design. Artists who make their living through their craft are invited to share their information. Of special interest is identifying what resources have helped in success and what barriers or unmet needs are impeding success.  The data will help to address the unmet needs of our artistic community.

For Arts’ Sake hopes to hear from 1,000 artists in the region, and will be collecting survey responses through mid July.  If you live in the 5 county region surrounding Sacramento, and you work in any art form, please add your voice to this effort.

Access to the survey can be found in For Arts’ Sake’s website, our Facebook page or by clicking the following link

For more information and access to the link visit:

Contact: Deborah Edward
Phone: (916) 808-8848


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