NotoriousThe movie, "Notorious" was very well written and entertaining. It had wonderful under current messages that may have been lost within the biography of Notorious Big. The message of how a boy makes it to manhood without fatherly guidance and the importance of God in this development was evident. Another message that guided the plot was how one can achieve goals through hard work and dedication. This movie also reflected upon the greed of business and the manipulating of people for profit, regardless of an individuals’ well being. Many people remember (from the 90’s) the occurrence of the west coast and east coast rivalry, which divided the Hip-Hop community and two good friends (Big & Pac). This movie emphasized the importance of good parenting in fighting against misguided conceptions projected by the media in what makes a man. Furthermore, it inspires individuals to change themselves first in becoming a better person to face life’s adversities and responsibilities. This was perfectly expressed by Tribe Called Quest from the song "Keep It Moving," "Hip-Hop can never be a way of life; it doesn’t tell you how to raise a child or treat a wife." Submitted by Sac Hub News Reporter Dustin Hunter


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