Written by Tonya Mack, Executive Director of Tree of Hope Funding (www.treeofhopefunding.com)

Rage, hope, fear, uncertainty – emotions clearly on display this weekend. We stood shoulder to shoulder, unified in a battle to save one thing: our homes. This weekend,at the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) Save The Dream Tour, I personally bore witness to the wounds left by this tough economy on homeowners. Speaking to those around me was easy. We weren’t strangers. We felt a common bond in our collective hope to find a solution to our problems. Don’t be mistaken. This battle is bigger than any one ethnic group as evidenced by the rainbow of faces in the crowd of people lined up as far as I could see.

By news reports, more than 32,000 people were served over the course of the 5 day event, which leads me to my question – N.A.C.A, now what?

I wonder what will happen with the unlucky homeowners who did not find the pot of gold at the end of the N.A.C.A rainbow? And to that point, do we know how many people were actually successful?

I haven’t heard from any of our local organizations that should be tasked with and are funded by our tax dollars to provide this service. Where are our local community leaders whose members are the very same people, who stood in line 6 hours or more and waited 12+ hours for the chance of assistance?

We appreciate the advocacy and opportunity provided by N.A.C.A but now we must turn and plead with our local community leaders and politicians to step up. For every local non-profit or community based organization who has housing, economic development, community development or social responsible as part of their mission statement, I am talking to you. For every CEO, CFO, President or Executive Director who talks about the “leveling the economic playing field”, I am talking to you. Business cards and titles are fabulous when you are actually going about the business on your card.

The time is now. 32, 000 plus local homeowners are counting on you.

For more info about NACA, go to www.naca.com.


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