JASAC Hosts Mission and Cultural Exchange Programs to Jamaica

Open registration for Summer 2011 Programs: JASAC is now accepting student applications and adult registration for the summer 2011 programs. The youth program is a two week program that will take place in July 2011. The program is open to all students in grade 7-12, and college students up to age 20.

The students will have the opportunity to learn and explore Jamaica’s history and cultural first in a classroom setting locally that will prepare them for travels to Jamaica. When in Jamaica they will travel around Jamaica and see many historical sites and locations. The students will all participate in various mission programs opportunities while in Jamaica, and have the opportunity to meet and make friends with Jamaican students their own ages. Any student that enrolls with six of their classmates, friends or family members will receive a discount package for the trip.

Application deadline is December 3, 2010. Applications and registration forms are available on our website at www.jasac.net call (916) 478-2851


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