Hub Fans and newcomers…The Founder of, Pleshette Robertson is on a self-challenged weight loss diet to lose 30 pounds and slip down for the summer (I actually plan to lose more inches than weight)!  I started on May 18th and I plan to keep you updated on my progress with a new tip each week on what I’m doing to lose weight and to develop/maintain healthy eating habits.  I’m keeping this photo of me, when I was on the Cross Country team of Woodside High School, posted until the week of 7/20, with my weekly tips as well as check me on FaceBook.


It is highly encouraged that when you start any diet and/or weight loss program that you incorporate consistent exercise plans that include at least exercising 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes or more.  I am actually doing a combo of exercise plans that include Tae Bo with Billy Blanks, Kickboxing with Tracy Weldon at Fitness System, and "on-my-own" weight-training.  I somehow gotta’ start including sit-ups and push-ups in my program (as those are the exercises I hate the most but I NEED to do them).  YOU, can do any type of exercise to start your plan that include: swimming, jogging, bike riding, walking, hiking, aerobic/dance classes, and more.  I suggest that you choose an exercise program you would enjoy doing and that best fits your schedule.  Everyone can’t be on the same exercise program … you have to do exercises that you would like and won’t get bored with!  Ohhh and don’t forget to weigh yourself on the first day of your diet/exercise program.

Some folks that I would like to make mention of who have helped or assisted me with choosing great exercise habits that work include:

1) Carl Fierce of Fierce Fitness Health Club and Training Studio ( or 916.452.8606) in Sacramento who helped me back in the summer of 2007 get ready for my photoshoot with the Sacramento Magazine.

2) Tracy Weldon of Fitness System in South Sacramento (916/681-2555).

3) My mommie, Cherry Douglas, who has always told me that exercising is the ultimate key to staying in shape, looking young, and feeling good about yourself with having me and my sister when were children running the neighborhood track at least 1-2 miles 3 days a week and now we exercise together with weight lifting and kickboxing classes.

Just so you know … when I asked several of my male friends (variety of age ranges as well as my brothers) most of them responded with the following to the question asked: "What is SEXY about a woman vs. What is NOT SEXY about a woman?"

  •  "It is SEXY, when a woman works out and keeps herself in shape!"
  • "When women are smoking cigarettes, it is NOT SEXY!"



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