President Barack Obama made history again by becoming the first black president to win re-election.

In the midst of national splintering, voters returned a black man to the White House Sociologists say this is affirmation that Obama’s ideas mattered more than his identity He will have a chance now to leave a legacy beyond being the first black president He will take a stronger stance on race issues in his second term, some say (CNN) — A black man is returning to the White House.
Four years ago, it was a first, the breaking of a racial barrier. Tuesday night, it was history redux.
And more.
In the midst of national splintering and a time of deep ideological animosity, Americans elected President Barack Obama to a second term. And thousands rejoiced in his victory, one that seemed sweeter and, perhaps, more significant.
“This is affirmation that his color doesn’t matter and that his message resonated with people,” said Yale University sociologist Jeffrey Alexander, author of “Obama’s Victory and the Democratic Struggle for Power.”
“It is very important in that it will indicate that an African-American can be viewed for what he says and not what he is.”


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